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I had 4 textbooks to sell back, so I looked up who would give me the most for each one. So I ended up mailing 1 textbook to BookByte ($20), and 3 to Renttext ($60).

After a month went by, I had my check from BookByte, but nothing from Renttext. I emailed their customer service, and they assured me that everything was fine, they were just running a week behind schedule. When I followed up with them 12 days later, they said they "received and processed my buy backs, however the contents we received were different than your original quote." and went on to tell me that I'm crazy, and I never mailed the 2 books that would pay the most. Strange how the cheapest book made it there just fine, right?

Apparently the box I shipped the three books in wasn't damaged or anything, so I'm not thinking this is because of sending it via Media Mail...apparently the other two books I most definitely sent just got raptured magically out of the box! I am SO PISSED. I will never work with this company again, and I'm working right now to get the full $60 I was quoted.

It's hard though, since it's my word against theirs. Maybe if I throw enough of a fit it'll work out...?

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Waynesboro, Virginia, United States #664558

They did a very similar thing to me. They claim my expensive book wasn't in the box---but the little, cheap book was!

I guess it magically disappeared from the box. Then they had the nerve to tell me to PROVE that they didn't have the book.

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